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Self-Serve Rentals are now ALL DAY!

This page is currently being updated (6-14-14) and some information is out of date.

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To make your life a bit simpler for your party we offer a self serve option. Alaska is a do it yourself place so this is a great option for smaller parties.

You get everything you need. The game(s) and Fan(s). Upon request and at NO CHARGE you may also get a Dolly or Hand Truck to move the game(s), Extension cords, Tarps, Stakes. These extra items are subject to availability.

Pick up is as early as 9am and drop off is by 8pm. Times are by appointment, that is, just let us know when you will be here. We have so many parties we want to make sure there is someone here.

Important information on pick-up/drop off for self-serve rental option:


  • You will need a pick-up or large SUV.
  • Please bring 1-2 people with good backs. Some games are VERY heavy.
  • Games measure about 3 ft round and 5 ft long.
  • You will get; Game(s), Fan and Extension cord (on request).


  • Must be rolled up just like as you got it. ($50 re-roll fee)
  • Must be clean (as you got it). ($50 cleaning fee)
  • If you have our game, and have not arranged for an overnight rental and you don’t call us by 9pm there is a $100 fee , plus an overnight fee of $50. If we have to come and get it, fees start at $200 in Anchorage and outside Anchorage is $200+ $1 per mile. We like to have fun, our business is based on people having fun, if we have to come get a game, it will not be fun.


  • If there is ANY problem with your game, please call us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If there is way we will fix it (Bring you a new game, new fan or what ever we can do it).
  • We clean and repair our games as much as we can but sometimes we do not have time to inspect the game before it is rented out to you. If you get a game that is dirty or damaged, please let us know and we will make every effort to correct the issue.


  • Self-Serve is NOT an option for parties that are open to the public or are pay for play (ie raising money).
  • If you are a nonprofit and on a shoestring, please give us a call, we may be able to work something out.


  • Delivery with self-service is available at an extra charge; In Anchorage it’s $60, outside of Anchorage the fee is based on mileage.
  • Delivery DOES NOT include set-up and breakdown. It is curb side only, for pick-up, games must be packaged and loaded by you, we are just driving. If you need set-up and break-down, please book Full Service.
  • Drop off and Pick-times: While we strive to make every delivery at time indicated, the actual  drop off and pick up time can vary by up to 60 minutes based on a variety of factors. Please schedule our arrival time with that in mind.
  • You must be present at delivery and pick up times. There is a $100 per item fee if our equipment is left unattended for pick-up at public locations.

As all ways please read our Terms of Service and FAQ.

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