Renting a bouncy game in Anchorage parks!

We are fully compliant as a vendor in Anchorage parks.

Heres a bit more information, please call us at 907-337-4386 if you have any questions.

Anchorage Parks and Rec has asked us to remind you (our clients):

* That you can’t use a Water Slides at any of the parks in Anchorage. Most parks do not have flowing water or the water is locked up and they are worried about damaged and mud.

* Not all parks are available for use with bouncy houses and not all parks have electricity. Parks will have the most up to date list of parks available. We have generators for rent ($100 per day)  for any location that does not have electrical outlets for powering the fans of the bouncy houses. We have some party rentals & games that do not require electricity.

* Please remember that you do need a permit for a park reservation, it’s only $40 and you get that from Muni Parks and Rec. When renting from us for use at a park, the MUNI will ask about bouncy houses and insurance requirements. Tell them you are renting from For Fun Alaska – Our insurance is on file with them and we have forfilled their other requirements. Usually they just put that on your permit and there are no additional steps  


A lot of options for parties at city parks

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