Full Service

Full Service means that we we will set up and break down the game for your event. Within the Anchorage bowl this includes delivery and pick up (please call for other rates). Full Service parties run for 4 hours, those 4 hours is the up time and does not included set up, break down or travel time. Generally each game comes with one attendant or more as required. If you would like you event to have extra staff please make sure you arrange for that ahead of time. We know many parties and event may not fit exactly into the selections we have online and we are more than willing to work with you to create the perfect event that your guests will remember for years to come.

If you want to be covered by our liability insurance you have to have a full service party. With the exception of some packages full service do not include electricity. (Each game unit runs off of an included fan that requires up to 10AMPs of 110Volts.

Please note all Full Service events require 2 business days notice, sometimes more. We will work with you on any event and party timeline you throw our way, but there may be additional rush fees or other compromises may be required. We will give it our all but with very short notice we can not change the underlying factors of reality.

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