Rental FAQs

Learn More About Our Inflatable Games, Bounce Houses, and Party Game Rentals by reading through these Frequently Asked Questions.

There is a lot of information here, please feel free to call us at 337-4386 and ask:

Topics covered:

  • Terms of Service
  • Custom Parties
  • Self/Full Service
  • Game Returns
  • Best way to see the games
  • Electric needs of games
  • Blowers/Fans included – Whats included
  • Kid limits on Games
  • Weather
  • Use at MUNI Parks
  • Games are used outside and dirty (we do clean and disinfect all games)
  • Much More………

By renting from us; either picking the game up of accepting delivery of it, you are stating you have read and agreed to the information here and in our TOS which you have also agreed to when you made your reservation.received

Terms of Service (TOS):
• By renting our game you agree to our terms of service. We provide a link for you to download Terms of Service  understand all the FAQ, rules, guidelines, information and fees here in the FAQ. We also provide a hard copy with all picked up games. Please download and read or ask for an additional copy if you need them. When you click on your reservation link after checkout or agree to a written invoice you are agreeing to our terms of service.

Can I have a Custom Party in a way that’s not listed on your Web Site?
•  Of course, They are all basically custom parties anyway. We will work with you, call us and we can set up or arrange just about anything you can think of. We’ve been doing this for 25+ years and have made some awesome things happen.

What is Self Serve?
• You come and get your rentals items, keep it for as long as your rental allows. Base rental is 10am until 8pm of the same day, if you want to go later and return it the next days is a $50 which can be added with until 8:05pm (we do not want to A) worry about where our items are or B) go an look for them. and you return it to us.

• It’s easy, all you need is a few people to help you and a pickup truck or large SUV. Self Serve DOES NOT include delivery, set-up or anything other then you renting the game and blower (and/or other rental items) Check out the  Self-Serve instructions/paperwork.

• Not allowed for public events

• Not also covered by our liability insurance.

• If delivery is selected along with Self Service, this is a curb side service only. We drop it off in a location we can back up to. When we arrive to pick the game up it needs to be ready to be loaded up.

What is Full Serve?
• We bring it out and set it up. Once set-up the base rental block is 4 hours, but can be a custom time for your needs (but if shorter the fee is still for the 4 hour block due to behind the scenes costs remaining the same) . After your rental we break it down and take it away. This service is generally meant for businesses, but anyone can use it. With this service you can request an attendant as needed for each rental item. You will also be covered by our liability insurance. It does not include any electricity source unless specified in the rental package. During our off season (winter) there may be times that we may not have a full compliment of staff available on short notice and may request in advance volunteers in exchange for a discount.

Cant’t Return game on time? What do I do? (Self Serve Rentals)
• ALWAYS CALL AND TELL US WHAT”S GOING ON. Call us when you first learn of the return logistical issue. Sadly you can’t keep the rental until it is convent for you to return it, that just doesn’t work. If you don’t return your rentals there are several fees you may have to deal with, just longer you have the game to more the rental costs, and if you don’t let us know what’s going on it’s even more expensive.

• We can come and pick it up (for $65) It needs to be rolled up and have some people available to load it into our truck.

• We will always try to be reasonable, but somethings things don’t go well. If your return time goes by and we haven’t heard from you and you are not answering your phone or calling us back there is a $200 fee, past 10 am the next day you get hit with a overnight fee and then a second day rental fee. If we still haven’t heard from you at this point we will have to aggressively search for what we assume is stolen property and when we find if we also add on a standard pick up fee (APD asks business and people if possible to recover their own stolen property and call to meet them there). SO PLEASE call us and let us know what’s going on. We don’t want to have to do any of that. This is where the credit card on file come it to use. We will make every effort, but the person who put the card on file is ultimately responsible.

Do you have a showroom/how can I see the games before I rent them?
• Our website is the best place to see what the games look like (and we may have more photos if you need). We have nearly 50 games, each one weighs 30 to 900 pounds and are packed tightly for storage. We would love for you to to come over and see them, but that is just not possible, we don’t have the time space. Not only is each game very large and heavy, taking up a lot of space set up, the also take between 10-45 minutes to set up and the same to break down. We would need a space as big as the Dome sport center and we would have to raise our prices to maintain a showroom like that. The best way to view all the games is right here on the internet, it’s easy, fast and keeps the prices down for everyone.

• Your game(s) need power, each fan is 110/10 amp. One household circuit will support 1 or 2 fans (depending on the breaker, age and other unknown variables  we can not guarantee anything about how the wiring and breakers are at your location). If you do not have power (Having a party at your family fish camp off the little Su) you will need a generator of 3,500 watts PER BLOWER. Some Muni parks have power, sometimes it’s locked up, you need to check with the Muni during their business hours, we are not responsible for access to electricity unless you have rented it from us and it’s in writing and paid for. We rent generators that are 6K – 7K watt for $100 per day. With generators: if you are using a generator supplied by anyone else we can not guarantee anything will work together, there are many variables with generators. In general it needs to be a 4,000 watt generator or larger to run one or more inflatable blowers. We know exactly how our generators work and how many blowers work on each one.

Blowers/Fans to Inflate the Bouncy House:
• Every inflatable game requires 1 or more blowers to be running continuously. We offer extension cords at no extra fee on a first come first serve basis (don’t worry we have many). However, blowers can not be placed further than 50 feet from your electricity source. According to the manufacturer further than 50 feet and you run the risk of electric fire! This has to do with amount of electricity the blowers use and resistance. Cords MUST be plugged into grounded outlets and GFI circuits whenever available. We check cords as often as possible but if you get a Blower or extension cord that has a broken or missing ground, do not use it, we have many other as a replacement. Do not try to use with a ungrounded circuit, it could cause a fire, damage the blower or cause other problems.

Kid Limits – Weight:
• The rule for most of our bouncy houses is 100 lbs per child. However we do have many games and rentals for adults. Adult games are listed on the left side of the website under the link “ALL AGES”. Some of the best and most popular: Giant Castle Obstacle Course with RopeJoust Just to name a few.

Kid Limits – How Many Kids Can Bounce at Once?:
• It’s really is based on a group by group basis, the ages of the kids and the size of the game. If you have a game in mind, give us a call, we will give you the best answer possible.

Weather, WIND & RAIN:
• If you have any question, turn the game off and call us. But don’t worry, most of the time everything is fine. Unlike the YouTube videos our games do not fly away, those are the small “Toys R Us” type games and not the heavy duty/commercial quality ones. They however can turn over in high winds (it’s happen to our company ONCE in shifting high winds even with 1ft stakes (the wind changed from the front to the side in seconds and broke the stakes). Inflatable games DO NOT work in the wind. We will turn them off during full serve events if we feel the conditions are unsafe. If it is a self serve game; PLEASE get the kids out and turn it off in the wind and secure is it does not flip over or lift off the ground. Rain: Light rain is ok, heavy rain is NOT. It’s really the fans that are the biggest problem in the rain. Electricity and fans don’t go together, there is a risk of shock if it starts more than a misting the fans need to covered but something that keeps the rain out and allows air in (don’t cover the air vent), if it rains heavily, they must be turned off. (and always use a GFI outlet. We may have some to loan if needed). Stakes are available upon request at no charge.

Placement Grounds:
• The area where the game will go must be; flat, clean, and free of mud, rocks, glass, sticks and anything that is not a good surface; unsafe, sharp, muddy, etc. Nothing puts holes in a game like gravel under our game on top of pavement. We have tarps, mats and stakes available for your rental at no charge.

Having a party at a MUNI Park? Confused wy what they are telling you?

Were can help. We are a “Preferred Vendor with MUNI Parks and Rec. The MUNI parks department recently changed the rules regarding bouncy houses in parks, then 2 weeks later they did it again, and then again. Confusing……. We have a pretty good idea how their program works at this point and we know they issue waivers for some parks. The biggest effect is on our smallest customers. The small birthday party. We used to be able to offer our “self service options” at the parks and the no longer allow that. You party must must have one of our employees present for set up, break down and to monitor use of the your rental. We can offer you a lower cost option rather than changing it to to full serious. This service is called “Party Watch Supervisor” Like with anything else, please call if you have any questions.

You may find all the information on their web site but their rules may change at anytime – we can’t be responsible in any way for how that may effect your party. If the parks removes you and your party from the park we will work with you, but we can not provide a refund based on a third party rules.

The most import things that we understand about the new MUNI rules is A) Only certain parks are available to have bouncy houses. B) For Fun Alaska is one of a few companies that are allowed to operate on parks, as we meet the business and insurance criteria. C) No privately owned bouncy houses on MUNI parks. This is a partial list and there is much more to it. Please call the Parks department for the most up to date information.

Other things to consider if booking at a park

• 4 important things about having a party in an Anchorage Park:

• PERMIT/RESERVATION – Most Anchorage parks require a reservation and permit to have a party at a MUNI park. That’s up to you to.

• ELECTRICITY – Some parks have it, so do not, you will have to ask whomever administrates the park. If you need electricity, we have generator rentals for $100 (other places around Anchorage rent them as well)

• PARK ACCESS – Many parks have gates and our games can weigh from 90 to 900 pounds. Without gate access we will not be able to move the games into the park.

• If you are having a party in a Anchorage park, please call Parks and Rec. They have our insurance on file, so that’s easy. Many of the parks require a permit (Not much) and many of them have power available on request. BUT please don’t count on power unless someone at parks confirmed there is electricity and it’s available to you. We have generators, but if it’s a last minute need, it makes everyone scramble and no one likes to feel like that just before their party.

• Access. Remember most of our games are big and heavy, over 100 pounds and even the fans are 20-40 pounds. No one wants to hand carry them around a locked gate and 1/4 mile across a park (and we can’t for insurance reasons). Trust us, you don’t either. To make things easier Parks and Rec can unlock gates, but like power it needs to be arranged ahead of time. Unless we are running your whole party, the party and games location is your responsibility.

• Full Service and locked gates. If you do not arrange with the Muni to have parke gates unlocked we can only move the games a short distance. Remember they weigh 150 lbs to 800 lbs.

Link to Parks Info – Anchorage Parks and Rec would like us to remind you that water slides are not allowed at any Anchorage parks (and water does not come with them, yes someone asked).

How big are the games:

• Our games weigh range from 100 – 800 pounds, some are much more then that and the regular bouncers weigh much less. Rolled up they are about 3 ft round and 5 ft long. The inflated size varies, please look at the game page for each game. (most of the listings should have an approximate weight for that game.=)

What do you get with a Bouncy House Rental:
• Rentals include; Game, Blower/Fan. Upon request heavy duty extension cord, tarp, stakes and dolly (dolly’s are limited and first come first serve)

Cancellation Policy:
• Greater then 7 days: full refund. Less then 7 days: option to move to another date (up to 365 days later, subject to availability). Day of rental: No refund (the game is being held and no other party has been able rent it, even if you don’t show up to pick it up you have reserved that game for the time indicated on your reservation). This applies to weather. Most of our games are summer rain tolerant, this is Alaska – we know it rains. Generally the kids don’t mind. If the rain is hard, The fans need to be turned off until the hard rain is over. (In the 25+ years of doing this we have had to do this less then 5 times.) Even with the worst weather, we will try to work with you.

• For Full Service or delivery there are no returns, refunds or credits of any portion of your fees if you cancel for any reason once we arrive. For mechanical issues or other factors outside of our control we may extend the rental to make up for lost time. Due to the nature of technical items there is a 20 minute downtime per item per 4 hour block.

• Credit cards are required for all reservations. Reservations made online will be charge when received. If you are renting more than one item you may opt with pre authorization to pay 50% of the rental cost at time of booking. Remaining 50% is due BEFORE party date. Personal checks are not accepted. You may pay with cash but a hold for an amount equal to the rental may be placed on your card or held an equal amount as cash to be returned once the game has been checked in.

What if I see error or conflicting information on the website:
• By all means, please let us know – we are only human and a small family run business. While we strive to make sure everything is up to date and correct, errors happen. We will use the most current and up to date policies and will be happy to explain it to you if you ask.

What if I receive a damaged game or damage a game while I am using it:
• Call us right away and don’t worry, but don’t want until you return the rental or the day after you return it telling us there was an issue and you want a refund or discount. We know stuff happens, but you have to tell ups right away not after the fact. Make sure you take photos and call us and let us know what is going own. We will do what we can to get your party back on track.

• If there is major damage we will do an investigation and determine the cause of the failure, rarely is it the clients fault.

Clean/Dirty Games?
All of our games are cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant cleaners at regular intervals. You may get a slightly wet or damp game if it’s been raining or they have been cleaned recently, the games can take days or weeks to dry depending on conditions. The more you can do to return the games clean and dry as possible, the more we can keep our costs and prices down.  Remember everyone has to take their shoes off and keep their socks on when they play on the games. There is a cleaning fee for games that are returned overly dirty, with candy, etc inside. If you open a game up and there is candy wrappers in it or other party trash, take photos right away so we can make sure to correct party pays the cleaning fee. Sometimes we are to busy to take a part a game and check it out unless there is an obvious issue.

• Do not use silly string around the games, it makes a stain and does not come off. If Silly String comes in contact with the inflatable games it is a $100 per spot cleaning fee. We hate charging people extra fees, so please don’t do that.

• Please remember, even if your event is inside you WILL get a rental that has been used outside. We can’t clean the bottoms of the games, logistically it’s just not possible.

As a family business everyone helps out. Even cleaning (with safe household cleaning products)

Why are the games rolled up, why do self serve customers have to return them the same way?
• Games are rolled up tightly because it’s the best way to move large pieces of PVC/Vinyl; that may weigh up to several hundred pounds. If the games are not returned as you picked them up we have to charge a $50 fee (or you and your group can re-roll them at the return time.)

• It’s easy and you get instructions for how to do it. It’s also easier for you to move around and easier for us to move around (helping to keep our labor costs down and our prices for you down). Please do not fold the games, that makes them even harder to move around, harder for you harder for us and we have to charge you the “not rolled up” fee.

Cancellation of Your Reservation – Not showing to pick up your reservation:

  • More than 7 days notice and you get your entire reservation fees back.
  • Less than 7 days notice For Self Service: 50% of your reservation fee back or the option to move your reservation to a new date at no charge. For Full Service we have already committed resources. we have to charge an additional 30% event reschedule fee.
  • Day of reservation due to cold, snow, rain or high wind and it was an outside party ONLY you have the option to move your reservation to a new date at no charge. Remember, our games tolerate a bit of light rain and kids are mostly water resistant.
  • Day of reservation or Missing your reservation: It was a reservation, that game was held in your name. Sorry, no refund. Even if you only had a credit card to hold your reservation we will have to charge it (in 11 years we have yet to have to do this).
  • If you made your reservation less than 48 hours before your event – 20% cancellation fee, or you can reschedule it at no cost.
  • It you have mitigating circumstance or an emergency, call us we will try to work with you as best we can.
  • The Waterslides; The sole exception to other policies. Because this is Alaska, that’s why. If you arrive and its cold or rain you may exchange your waterslide for a bouncy house of equal or lesser value. This option ends once you leave with your game.

Because of the super custom nature of parties and all the we do, you may not see your question here, please call and ask – we are more than happy to help you.

For Fun Alaska; Call us at 907-337-4386

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