Self Service

Self serve is the perfect budget offering. You make the reservation, you pick up the game and everything you need; fan/blower, extension cords, dolly, tarps (if available) and head out for your party. These are one day rentals. Pick up at 10am and return time is 8pm. It’s really easy to set up up and break it down, so don’t worry about it.

If you can roll up a sleeping bag or tent, you can roll up a bouncy house. We even give you instructions. You just need a few more people (remember our bouncy houses weigh between 100 and 500 lbs). All you need for a successful Self Serve party is a pickup truck (SUVs will work, but it’s not as easy) a couple friends to help you roll up and more the game when your party is over and return it to us. Make sure you give yourself time to return it, there are several late fees and we don’t want your party to end on a sour note, if there is any complication either during your party or returning your items, call us as soon as possible.

Consider adding an overnight option to your self serve rental. If your party is going to go longer than 8pm. It’s only $50, you can find this option in the add-on section or on the shopping cart and check out pages. You can even add this option when you pick it up or during the rental – just make sure you tell us before 8pm.

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