Air Dancers

$ 150.00


Yes, in Anchorage, we have air dancers. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Call and we will reserve them for your event. We have been renting inflatable stuff for over 20 years you know you can make your reservation without, er, reservation! None of this bait click and switch stuff you see online – companies claiming to offer “nationwide” or that they are in Anchorage. Then on their site you have to click, click click, only to find out their are in Ohio.

We are the largest provider of bouncy stuff in the state and adding stuff all the time. Call us and ask questions; We will hook you up!

Most of our products are by day rental (10am – 8pm) based on the needs of our main clients KIDS –  air dancers fall into the 1 day rental because it’s a different sort renting it. (We’re willing to trade too if you have cool stuff). The day after you rent them, they are due back at a10 with a $50 an hour charge.

It may not be the one shown, but it will be like it. Call today, they go fast?