Early set up times

$ 75.00


For Full Service customers:

We aim to always have your items up and running at the time you designated in your reservation as the time your party starts. No need for extra service fees. But…..

Do you want us there extra early? Or do you have an early time you need us there? It takes us between 20 minutes and 45 minutes to set up events. Different games have different prep times and we have them down and plan accordingly. We aim to get there with some time to spare for contingencies, but most of the time we like to arrive with what our experience tells us those specific games take to setup plus about 10-15 minutes before your event starts.

Some people worry about starting times. Sometimes for logistics reasons you need us there a few hours early. If you would like us to arrive an hour or more before you event starts (extra early setup times)- We are happy to do that, the old expression that “time is money applies”. Extra early setup means more overhead for us, though we have made the fee as low as possible.

This fee is per game, per hour early. Please keep in mind this option is not always available depending on many factors.

Remember, you don’t need this add-on service for us to have everything running at the time you told us your party starts.