Sponge Bob Waterslide

$ 150.00

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Self Service


Great fun for a nice warm day. This Waterslide is really intended for kids under 8
You asked for them, now we have some. Great water slide with Sponge Bob!
Do you want to know the secret? Run a hose from your water heater to the water slide. At least to fill the pool. It’s better then sliding into a pool of 40 degree tap water.
Self-Serve prices are for FULL DAY (10am-8pm) rentals.
Pick up is open at 10am, Drop off is by 8pm. Times are by appointment only (so we can make sure someone is on location), Overnight rentals are available for an additional $50 fee.
Anchorage Parks and Rec would like us to remind you that water slides are not allowed at any Anchorage parks.
size 15×10 and 5 tall.  Ages [2-8] weight no more than 75 lbs on slide