Rain? Don’t worry, there are options.

It was rainy and a bit cold on the day of UMIAQ’s company picnic and fund raiser. We all braved the weather anyway and it was a great day. Even though I have been doing this business for over 10 years, it was one of the best times I have had at a party. A really great group and a lot of fun.

To raise money they offered a shot at everybody’s manager and even the company president. For a few dollars you got 3 shots to pop the water-balloon over them. On the flip side, each manager could pledge money to the cause to not get soaked. However if the employees came up with more money the manager had to sit under the water balloon.

The manager in the video was such a great sport. She was wearing a beautiful handmade Kuspuk and pledged a lot of money to not sit in the chair. The troops rallied and pooled their funds and she lost the bid. About 10 people tried and failed to hit the target. I mentioned she was lucky and no sooner had I said that than……… watch the video

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