How to rent a game when you’re off the road system

It's easy to setup remote games

It’s easy to setup remote games

First, YES!

No matter where you are we can get games to you. It’s sort of an Alaskan thing, getting stuff to the middle of nowhere.

Nome, Barrow, Sitka, Juneau, Kodiak, Kennicott Mine, Valdez, Pogo Mine (way way way out there), Kotzebue, Bethel, and on, we can do it.

Last year (2014) we provided some games and other party items to a wrap party in the middle of nothing on the far side of lake Iliamna. They had just wrapped on some sort of reality show/documentary thing and were ready to party (look for us in the credits, we have no idea what show it was).

Ok, let get to the details oh how we can make this party happen. Here’s the deal, we want to you have a great party, and sometimes you’re far away from everywhere. A few things to line up ahead of time; How is the game going to get to you?

  • If you want us to deliver. set-up and run a multi game party/festival we can do that. The cost is the regular full service plus delivery to your location  and anything over 3 hours away must include a “per diem” so were no sleeping in the cab of the truck. We will also need a few volunteers as we generally do not bring a crew with up for out of town events
  • For the bush – truly off the road, the best option seems to be NAC (Northern Air Cargo) but check with Alaska Airlines and their Gold Streak options. There may be others, call around. We have found that many people way out
  1. Choose your game. This can be really any game, even ones that do not have a full service option (it’s just a bit more complex to operate –  don’t worry we’ll walk you through it.
  2. Select the quantity of ‘2’, for the price of two days were are allowing you some turn around time so you don’t have to stress about pickups and weather delays .
  3. Follow instructions to checkout.